50-50 BALL

We are one week into the NBA playoffs.

Never have I been so excited to watch these games.

Like my guy James Edwards told me, “I love the playoffs.”

Yeah but bro, you also said you fell asleep last night and missed the end of the Jazz-Clippers game. Come on bro! You’re 25 years-old…

Speaking of the late game last night, the Clippers went into Utah and beat the Jazz 111-106.  Forget about the final score, or the fact that LA leads 2-1, you need to see CP3’s behind the back move late in the game.

Oh my!

N.Y.C. all the way. I’m talking Tillary Park, East 5th street and Manhattan Beach style.

Remember when you would see a guy on television make a sweet move and you and your friends would go to the schoolyard and try to copy it? When Scott Skiles was at Michigan State he threw the sickest behind-the-back-pass against Georgetown.  Later that night we were all trying to do the same. Do kids still emulate their favorite players?

Gordon Hayward of the Jazz went off last night…he’s got game. He went to Butler, right?

How about the Celtics flying into the Windy City and beating the Bulls 104-87 to make it a 2-1 series?  Celtics are all good despite being down 2-1 in the series.  Rajon Rondo missed the game for Chicago with a broken thumb.  I picked Chicago in this series but I’m not so sure now. Bulls need RR’s leadership.

My favorite coach of all-time, Kevin Loughery once said, “Shoot ’em up and sleep in the streets,” Celtics made 17 three’s out of 37 attempts. Bulls were 6-21.

Lansing native Denzel Valentine got some burn for Chicago late in the game. He knocked down a three.  Kid put a lot of work in over the last 5-6 years. His time will come.

Speaking of 3-balls, in 22 NBA playoff games thus far, the team that makes the most is 12-6. The other 4 games? Each team made the same amount.

Big Al Horford, by way of Grand Ledge, Michigan scored 18 points and grabbed 8 boards last night. This guy has come a long way. I remember back in the day when he was in high school we would work out, he didn’t like doing full-court dribbling drills.

One more thing on Valentine and Horford; they both played their high school basketball in the CAAC Blue here in the Mid-Michigan area.  Valentine’s dad, Carlton is one of the best. He’s done a fine job raising two sons. His second son, Drew is an assistant coach at Oakland University.

Gerald Green got the start for the C’s.

“It’s a two possession game,” LOL – stop saying that, please. We can count.

Brad Stevens, Fred Hoiberg, Quin Snyder and Billy Donovan all coaching in the playoffs:  who said a college coach can’t get it done in the NBA?  Shoot, a high school coach can get it done in the league. Just put them in a decent situation, put players around them who want to work and a front office that are committed to getting it done, 24-7.

OKC beat the Rockets last night 115-113.  The Thunder now trail in the series 2-1. Russell Westbrook with another triple-double.

Russ, on his team: ”We’re all one team. I don’t have a cast, I don’t have other guys. We’re all in this together and my teammates have been doing a great job all season long.”

Taj Gibson dropped 20 for the Thunder. They need him to continue being a force.

James Harden scored 44. He missed the last shot of the game which would have won it for Houston.

Two Foul or Defend situations last night; both worked. Clippers fouled and Thunder fouled.

Gordy Chiesa, former coach at Manhattan College and Jerry Sloan’s long-time assistant in Utah posts great tweets on twitter. Give him a follow.

Just once,  I want a reporter at the post-game press conference to ask, “what does it mean to play the right way?”  First guy to ask, gets a Starbucks coffee on me.

Love Hubie Brown. He coached, oh I mean he worked the Bulls-Celtics game last night on ESPN.  You get a free coaches clinic listening to him. I learn at least 2-3 things every time I listen to him. Love when he breaks down a screen-down and a curl.

I saw a guy yesterday wearing a Kyle Korver Atlanta Hawks jersey…here in East Lansing.

Do yourself a favor and go check out Ray LeBov’s blog, Basketball Intelligence. http://basketballintelligence.net/

Kevin Garnett is a funny guy.  Love his segment on TNT.  He would be great court-side announcing a game.

Every NBA player complains of a no-call or a call. Come on guys, the kids are watching. Just once I want to see a player go over to a ref and say, “Good call.” Whatever happened to raising your hand when they call a foul on you?

Motown music is the best…download the songs today.

AAU, oops I mean travel team basketball going on this weekend. College coaches out all over the country looking for players.

Yo kids, they are looking for players that “Play the Right Way.”

Happy Earth Day. Think I’ll go out to the schoolyard and get some shots up.

Thanks for reading…



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