If you played ball or have coached a game, you’ve been there.

Trailing in the game, down double-figures.  Time to get some stops. Multiple stops. Not trying to get it all back in one possession. Because, every possession matters.

You’re on the comeback trail. You cut the lead to 10, 8, 6…

You can do it. Never give up no matter what.

How about the Cleveland Cavaliers last night in Game 3 against the Indiana Pacers?

LeBron James and company found themselves down 25 at the half!  Would have loved to been inside Cleveland’s locker room.

“At halftime, I was just looking at the guys and telling them, Let’s get a couple stops.”

My team was once down 18 in the third quarter and we came back to win.

Last night in the second half, the best player in the game put his team on his back and brought them all the way back for the victory.


The Cavs won 119-114 to take a 3-0 lead in the best of seven.

All the casual fans and some media members want to do is harp on the late-season meltdown by the Cavaliers. They talk about their defense. Selfish players, etc.

All nonsense.

It’s a new season these playoffs.

Couple of days off helped Cleveland refresh and rejuvenate.

They have been here before.

They’re playing good basketball now. Good enough to win.  Plus they have LeBron James, who won his 20th straight, opening round playoff game.

James scored 41 points and added 13 rebounds and 12 assists.

”I just try to put myself in position to help my teammates win – no matter who’s on the floor with me,” James said. ”I just don’t settle for being not as great as I can be. The only thing that matters is (winning) – that’s what I’m here for.”

Sunday, Indiana will try to get a victory or they will be heading on vacation.


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