Friday, December 16, 2016

Second conference game of the year tonight at 6:00.

The Trojans will hop on the bus at 4:30 and travel just a few miles to take on the Vikings of Lansing Everett.  (Side-note; Everett is the alma mater of Magic Johnson, you’ve heard of him, right?)


Yesterday we had a good practice. We added some new offense and went over our defense.

Coach Scott Martin was there and he’s going to have to miss the game and Saturday’s game in Grand Rapids. He’s attending the funereal of his grandmother back East.

Our coaching staff consists of a New York guy, Boston guy and a D.C. guy. Imagine that?

Tonight against Everett we will ask everyone to be “defensive playmakers.” Make a play on defense. Don’t take any plays off. Play with energy. Be active and never relax.


Contain the ball.

Don’t get beat off the dribble.


Get the 50-50 balls.


Should be a good one…

Coach Finamore




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