I watched all these guys who were successful and weren’t even athletic and I asked myself: How were they successful when they weren’t the fastest on the court? You tried to figure out how they did it and apply that to your game, so I didn’t have to jump higher than the defender or be faster than the defender, but just be craftier, smarter and be more patient.

You watch that and try to pick and choose how they score and how they got to the basket and draw fouls and that was one thing I really tried to pay attention to, because, you know, one day I’m going to be old. I’m going to be 32, 33. You know, now you have guys coming into the league and they’re 21, 22, and you know they’re faster than you and eventually you’re going to have to be like how can I kill them slowly? So instead of waiting until I’m there, why not add that to my game now so I have both options?


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