“A lot of times I’m not going to have a ton of rebounds or a ton of blocks or a ton of scoring every night. But if we got a win, it was a good game for us.

From Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra:

“He’s starting to understand how much of an impact he can make. Sometimes it’s not the statistics everybody notices. But you felt his presence in this game. That was the most important thing.”

From teammate Goran Dragic:

“He’s our anchor in the paint. Every time somebody penetrates he’s going to be there. When he does that, we can pressure more. When you pressure, then the guys can go by you sometimes and then you have big fella behind your back who is going to protect you. That’s that trust I was talking about before. If everybody is on the same page, then we’re tough to beat.”

From teammate Chris Bosh:

“Just because you don’t show up in the stat sheet doesn’t mean you weren’t an important piece for wins. We all have to remember that, and if it’s not our night, we just keep doing what we’re doing, keep playing defense, keep getting second chances and live with it. He can’t lose sight of that. As long as we get the win, that’s what’s most important.”


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