The Sixers keep track of effort plays. Nerlens Noel was asked about it:

Jared Zwerling:  In recent years, Brett Brown has developed an effort chart to “gameify,” as he calls it, different intangibles like hustle plays. How has the effort chart evolved?
They’ve definitely even upped it a little more. I think it does help you to keep track on how much energy you have every game. It’s really based on energy and effort, how much you’re playing with, all the little things that you’re doing—contesting shots, running back on defense, first three steps [which refer to the ones you take after the opposing team secures the rebound and players need to get their momentum in the other direction; the steps are the most important because the goal is for the five defensive players to be ahead of the ball]. It’s all the little things that are going to help you win a game if you do them consistently and with discipline.



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