20 AND OH…

Golden State won last night. What else is new, right?

The Warriors beat the Hornets 116-99.

Steph Curry led the way with 40 points. He dropped 28 of them in the third quarter. Curry shot 14-18 from the field including 8-11 from distance.

Golden State has now won 20 regular season games in a row. They are 13 away from tying the 1971-72 Lakers. Bill Sharman was the coach of that Lakers team, he once said, “this may sound corny but we’re winning with enthusiasm, pride and hard work.”

That’s funny, because the Warriors seem to be doing it the same way.

In the third quarter Curry scored Golden State’s last 24 points of the quarter. He sat out the entire fourth quarter.

“It doesn’t even sound right,” he said. “In the NBA, with so many good players and good teams, to be able to put on a run like this is special. We don’t always play our best but we find ways to win. That’s the strength of our team. Every night a different guy might step up and have a huge game and do the little things that don’t show up in the stat sheet.”

Draymond Green scored four points, pulled down 11 rebounds and dished out 9 assists.

This is getting interesting.

Golden State plays the Raptors on Saturday. They play the Cavaliers on Christmas night. By then they may be 28-0.

Stay tuned.


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