“Not to take anything away from any other coaches, but at this level with how talented the guys are, if you are going to be a really good defensive team it takes a major commitment from the players in time, effort and staying with your schemes. Occasionally you will run across players who don’t want to do it (defensively) and then you have to hold them accountable. And honestly, there are (coaches) who don’t want to hold players accountable because they don’t want to get into that mess. It can get a little messy sometimes.

“But that’s why I’m excited for this (Magic) team on that (defensive) end of the floor. We have a bunch of willing guys who want to do the things we’re teaching them.”

“Some of it’s maybe (playing) a little harder, but there just needed to be that if you have a set scheme, whatever is going on on the other side of the floor, you four know what I’m supposed to be doing and you can react accordingly,’’

“You can’t have a weak link in that chain because the other team will find it. But with everybody moving and reacting together – I think we’ve made a lot of progress with that. Early on in camp, we’d have a couple of guys doing it right and one not there yet. We seem to – one through 14 now – we seem to be getting on the same page now.”



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