When I decided to go to the D-League, got kicked out of the league, I realized how quickly this can come and go. I wasn’t going to take it, take basketball, take life, for granted ever again. My son had a lot to do with it by him being born and me wanting to be a good role model for him – not wanting to go abroad, and instead take the D-League route.

I heard some things, but I never looked at none of those blogs or what people say, because they’re with you when you’re doing well and then they’re against you when you’re doing bad. I just had faith, following a path. What people say in blogs … they’re just bloggers to me. Some people are really good at analysis and know their facts, but when you read, ‘He’s never going to be back in the league,’ that’s just their opinion. I’m not the type of person to be broken down.

I knew I dug myself that hole on my own, and I wanted to get out of it on my own.”

I just rededicated myself and stayed in my own lane.


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