“I just come in ready to work every day. I know I have to prove myself every day. There’s nothing guaranteed for me. I have to earn it. I want to keep showing the Sixers what I can do. I’m confident because of the work I put in the gym every day.”

“My dream is to stick in the NBA for a long, long time. I’ll put in the work in the D-League or anywhere that gets me to the NBA to stay. Having the chance to play helped me. It gets you competing every night and prepares you for the next step. I know it helped with my confidence. It carried over and I’m thankful for the opportunity.”

“I think I’m always going to have prove myself and that’s OK with me because it keeps me motivated. It won’t allow me to relax. It pushes me to keep working. I want to play in the NBA for as long as I can. There aren’t that many jobs and I’ve got one of them. It’s a very small percentage. I want to maintain it and stay here. That’s a big challenge and I’m excited about the chance I have here.”


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