After a loss to the Colts:

On our sidelines, it’s very dead, throughout the course of the game it’s dead. We need a pulse. It needs to be shown that you care about this game.

We need to focus on playing this game with passion, playing this game with commitment, playing this game like it’s your career, not like it’s your job.

There’s a lot of people who go to work and they don’t like their jobs, but they do it because of a paycheck or it’s a necessity. When you have a career, it’s something you love to do, that’s something you take pride in doing.
You got to play this game with passion. You got 53 players, you should never have to talk to another grown man about playing this game with passion. Whether you get beat, whether you give up a sack, whether you throw an interception, whether you drop an interception you’re not gonna be perfect and that’s ok, but you play hard. You play this game with passion, you got to go out there and you got to get down and get dirty, you got to get nasty in this game. There’s no room for nice guys in this league – there’s no room for it.

I feel like our entire team, I’m not saying we’re not playing with a passion, I’m saying were not playing with enough passion. Enough attitude.

We’re 3-5, we shouldn’t go out there and be relaxed about anything. Are we believing we’re gonna go out there and dominate this game? I’m not seeing that.
Losing, I mean, I’ve had enough. I’ve seriously had enough.

Right now what we need to do as coaches and players, lay it all on the line. Call it what it is, call a spade a spade. If a player’s messing up, call him out. If they’re not getting the job done, call ‘em out. If players don’t feel good about something, then call the coaches out. We need to get it right. Do you want to win, or do you want to keep doing what you’re doing?’

We can take heat for it, coach Coughlin can take heat, I can take heat, Eli [Manning] can take heat. I’m not responsible for no other man. I’m responsible to myself, I’m responsible for being a leader and trying to contribute the best I can be.

I’m responsible for trying to keep things together. I would never, ever in this world be responsible for another man’s emotion, the passion towards this game. That’s not what it’s supposed to be about. Every man has to be accountable for their own actions and right now I’m not seeing 53 men go out there and fighting, scratching and clawing like dogs. That’s what we need to do. If you’re 3-5 there’s no one on this team that should be relaxed or feel like “I got this.’ Not one player should feel that way.’


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