“When I was out of the league I was lifting, running, riding a bike, shooting. I never worried because I worked so hard. When I was at home, when nobody was interviewing me, I was diligently working. I created my own ice bucket with a garbage can. I felt when you’re in debt to the game, success is expected. Your time is going to come. And I always knew when it came I’d be ready.

“I never wanted to be a liability. I never want a coach to look at me and say, ‘He can’t do this.’ So I want to shoot high percentage from 3s, high percentage from the field. I want to defend the best player. I just want to be somebody that has to be out there. If I’m not out there it’s because somebody is having a better night, not because of something I’m not doing.”

Bobcats head coach Steve Clifford:

A lot of it just goes to the basic nature of who he is. He’s highly competitive, he’s very bright and he’s tough. And he’s really seen it all, right? He’s hungry. And the other part about him, he puts the work in to prepare to play well. He’s always in here. Look, he’s being rewarded for all his hard work.”

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