“Every team is different, every player is different. All NBA players want to play the whole game. One of the biggest challenges of being a head coach in the NBA is making sure everybody is not only understanding of their roles, but excited about their roles. That can be a challenge when you have so many talented players — to make them excited about coming off the bench or playing less minutes, but I think everyone understands what we’re doing here and is willing to make the sacrifice for the sake of being team-first guys.”

“With this team it isn’t [an issue] It can be with a lot of teams, especially at this level. Not just egos, but individual agendas or goals can derail a lot of team performances. The great thing about our team is we have such selfless guys — team-first guys — top to bottom. Because of that, this element for me has been very easy. You never know what you’re gonna get, but the fact that they started here, we were able to shape them how we wanted them to be shaped into our culture. It is definitely a strength in what we do around here.”

“You have to blend the young guys with the veterans. It can be good or bad if they come from somewhere else. They could be happy somewhere else and not happy with how we do things here — or they could have been unhappy somewhere else and find we do it so much better here.”


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