Today, in Day 55 of the 90 Day Development Plan we get a lesson and a few words from the great Pat Summitt.

Recently, I came across a story about her in an old SI magazine and it mentioned that her son was cut from the 6th grade team a few years ago.  She came home and found him crying.  She told him if he goes out and wears out the two basketballs he owned, he would make the team the following year.

Day 55 – Definite Dozen

Pat Summitt, who is entering her 37th year as women’s head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee wrote a book ‘Reach for the Summit’, it should be required reading for all.  In the book she explains her ‘Definite Dozen‘ a system that will help you succeed on and off the basketball court.

Here’s a couple of quotes from an article on Summitt in Success Magazine.

“We always make sure,” Summitt says, “that our plans for the season can be achieved. Setting goals is incredibly important to success. But if you set a goal that seems impossible to achieve— if you go into a year saying your goal is to win the national championship—then you risk losing morale, self-discipline and chemistry if you falter early.

“Set a goal that stretches you, requires exceptional effort, but one that you can reach,” says Summit, the bearer of more championship jewelry than any coach in women’s basketball history. “We might set a goal that we win 20 or so games, that we win a conference championship, that we make the NCAA tournament. If we do those things, the truth is we have a chance of winning the national championship. But I would never want that to be the only goal.”

Coach Summitt is one of my favorites of all-time.  She knows the game as well as anyone.

The only way to ensure you become a winner is to set goals every day, and hold yourself and your teammates accountable for reaching those goals,” she says.

I would advise you to read up on Coach Summitt and her program.  She does it the right way…

“There are some coaches who believe you just let the best players get all the points they can and stop everybody else. Others limit the best player and make other people beat you. For us, we want to guard everybody. But we really want to make sure that we make it hard or at least difficult for that player to continually make the plays.”

-Pat Summitt

-Coach Finamore

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