Back to the grill again…But first, I received some awesome feedback on yesterday’s blog entry regarding Jay Bilas. Thanks for reading and getting back to me.

Day 47 – Help a Teammate

I stumbled across a small piece from hoop on Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett and how he likes to help his teammates. But he doesn’t spend all day trying to help them. They either get it or they don’t.

“He helps the ones he likes,” Doc Rivers said. “Kevin is great. Kevin tries to help every big in here. If that big doesn’t listen to him one time, he’ll never speak to him again. Literally one time. That has happened a couple of times. Those two guys that he did that to are no longer here and that may be one of the reasons.”

Are you one of the few who looks to help their teammates?

Or, are you someone who is all about themselves?

A great teammate is always looking to help another player on their team.

It can be positive advice.  Rebounding for them after practice.  Encouraging them to get up early and hit the gym or even a small dose of congratulations on a job well done.

Lend a helping hand to a teammate.

“Just remember, you’re teammates, not rivals.”

-Red Auerbach

-Coach Finamore

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3 thoughts on “DAY 47: HELPIN’ HAND

  1. Hey coach, much respect to you and your blog. I was wondering though, how does Kevin Garnett’s attitude towards teammates in that excerpt reflect the kinds of attitudes players today should have? After all, he is somewhat yelling at them and only helping the players that he likes. At the end of the day, people are forced to understand him because of his level of skill. If we are to help others around us, I believe that it should be both to the worst and the best player on our team, to the one who listens and to the one who doesn’t, and without the need of yelling at them. Let me know what you think.

  2. Sungbum,

    I do believe the premise is if you don’t want to listen at first, it’s your loss and seems like Garnett moves on. How long do you stay with a guy if they refuse to listen? I have learned guys who don’t listen early, will not listen late.

    As for his yelling, it’s how KG gets his point across. Some do it in different ways.

    I have no problem with Garnett – he plays the right way.

    Works hard – has great footwork in the post and displays much passion.

    Not everyone is going to agree with his ways.

    Thanks for stopping.

    Appreciate your note.

  3. Sungbum,

    I actually came across this quote from Jerry Sloan on Karl Malone and John Stockton.

    “They wanted to work and really didn’t like being around people who didn’t want to work,”

    So you see, great athletes who work hard want to be around the guys who want it.

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