The 12 Laws of Summer Basketball

Michigan State University men’s basketball had their Team Camp this weekend. Many high school teams from around the great State of Michigan including a Ohio school and a few schools from Chicago went head to head in some great action. AAU tournaments all over the country get under way in a matter of days. Players will be flocking all over the country to compete against one and other. Here are my 12 Laws for summer basketball players:

1-Say Hello: Especially at team camp. The college that is hosting always has their coaches around and there will also be coaches from other schools at all levels.  Juco, NAIA and D-3. Make sure to say hi to the officials too.

2-Show Respect: Everywhere you go, you should respect people. Fans, coaches, opposing players, trainers and officials.

3-Bathroom Behavior: Don’t laugh. It’s amazing how many times I walk into a bathroom and see a mess. In the sink, toilet and on the floor.  Keep the restrooms clean.

4-Hallway Behavior: Many times you are required to walk from gym- to- gym for your games.  You may even have to go across campus to a different venue to play.  Be careful how you act. Toss your empty paper cups and Gatorade bottles in the trash can. You never know who’s walking behind you.

5-In the Community: You’ll be at a hotel, dorm and of course local restaurants during your stay.  You want people to enjoy your company.  The team name on your shirt will give you away.  You want people to say good things about your school or organization. Act civilized.

6-In Between Games: Instead of sitting on the side like everyone else, find an open basket to get up some shots.  Too many players sit around. How about getting a ball and working on your dribbling?

7-Game Time: Share the ball, defend, rebound and play hard. It all begins with an inspired warm-up line prior to the start of the game.

8-Bench Behavior: You can’t be out on the floor the whole game.  So while on the bench, be a great teammate. Cheer your guys on, sit up straight and pay attention.  Don’t whine at the end of the bench with a towel over your head.

9-Sprint, Sprint, Sprint: I’m not talking about your cell phone provider. Stop all this jogging.  You need to sprint the floor while you’re out on the court.  Why travel hundreds of miles to jog up and down the floor?

10-Communicate: Talk on defense.  Let your teammates know where your next game is being held.  Stay in contact with your coach. Know what time you are leaving the hotel/dorm for your game.

11-Build Confidence: Enjoy the trip. Get better. Work on your confidence. If you play bad one game, bounce back the next ready to go.

12-Parents: Make sure to tell your parents to act civilized. Last thing you want is your parents screaming at the refs.  Many officials working the team camp games are there to improve.  A college coach will not want to recruit you if your parents are out of control.

“You never know who’s watching.”

-unknown source

-Coach Finamore

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6 thoughts on “The 12 Laws of Summer Basketball

  1. Just finished our school’s summer season. Had a great time. Summer basketball is my favorite part of the whole basketball coaching gig. Enjoyed your article.

  2. Thanks Chris. Enjoy the rest of the summer. Always learn as much as you can about the game…

  3. i was wondering how i can get better at my dribbling without any equipment or anyone else to help me i have gotten alot better though like i can do simple stuff lik cross overs and behide the back but i dont know anymore moves i can do can you please help me?

  4. Eric,

    Great question.

    I always tell kids that Larry Bird, Magic Jordan and Michael Jordan never watched a video, or never watched a DVD of someone teaching them. They also never had anything to help them except for a basketball and a goal. You can throw Pistol Pete Maravich in there too…These guys worked hard (and most of the time they worked alone)

    Get out and work on your dribbling. Ask your coach for 3 drills, all you really need.

    Now here comes the key:

    Work your tail off. Reps after reps is the key.

    Stay low, keep your head up and go at game speed.

    Good luck.

    Coach Finamore

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