A few notes from his book, ‘My Life on a Napkin‘.

-We all lack something as coaches.

-One time he was working with Ricky Pierce, trying to get him to go left off the dribble. Don Nelson came up to him and said, “Look, you have to learn to look at a player and determine what he can do, rather than dwell so much on what he can’t do.”

-From Don Nelson to Majerus: “The 5 most important minutes of a game are the 5 minutes in the press conference after the game.”

-Once the season starts make a total commitment.

-The game, the responsibilities, and the pressure take their toll on you.

-He told parents he’ll care more about their son’s academics then they will.

-A coach needs to be committed to a kid’s education.

-The coach determines the program.

-When he recruits players: Looks for guys who love to play.  Who have a feel for the game, a sense for the game. It’s very hard to find he says. Looks for guys whose teams win. He looks for improvement. Look at their worst games, se how they respond to adversity. Asks players what they shoot from the FT line; if they start the sentence with the word about, then they’re probably a poor shooter and second, they might not be committed to foul shooting and it’s importance.

-I watch how a kid responds to their parents. How a kid deals with his HS coach. I watch how they are during timeouts.

-The most pivotal spot in recruiting players is the point guard.

-I don’t know if I’m a good recruiter but I do know I’m a hard worker.

Coach Finamore


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4 thoughts on “RICK MAJERUS

  1. a salesman is as good as the product he’s selling. recruiting is same thing, you’d be fine. I seen players who are uncoachable, hotheaded, all the qualities that make you want to shake the shit out of them. But, they are not fully matured, they have undeveloped minds, are impulsive, they dont know the meaning of delayed gratification yet. i seen the whole spectrum from uncoachable headcases to do right all he time, honor roll athletes. I judge them on their basketball abilities only and over the years have remembered them for their basketball abilities only, not they’re characters. It’s the game itself i love

  2. Yes, recruiting is sales. A HS coach once told me about a college coach in particular (‘he’s nothing but a used car salesmen’).

  3. Yes, selling what you have to offer as a coach, staff, and a campus is the recruiters selling point that is pitched to the recruit obviously. But, like a used car salesman, you need to be an effective communicater, be able to show enthusiasm about your product, and be hustling constantly for that sale. I’d like to say that that high school coach is right, about not one particular coach but all college coaches, they are used car salesman. But these guys aren’t selling clunkers and lemons, they are selling education and athletics, the american way of uplifting the spirit and getting oneself to a better lot in life.

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