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“Are you an energy giver or an energy taker?” I don’t want to be around an energy taker. Be an energy giver. Be passionate about what you do.”


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On Jeremy Lamb:

“We expect him to give us great energy on both ends. He can score the basketball. He can help our team score the basketball. But we like what he does defensively. We want him to continue to improve in that area because that’s what we build our success on.”

HOOPS in 2010

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Happy New Year!

Here are a few resolutions basketball players should really think about to start the new year off on the right track…

1-Become a better teammate (share the ball, be happy for your teammates success, encourage others, lift teammates up, don’t be late and go hard in practice)

2-Play with energy (this should be a given but there are still some guys who don’t go as hard as they should at both ends. Be active, be alert, be enthusiastic)

3-Spend more time in the gym (before and after practice; get up your shots! Work on your shooting. Lift weights, run and embrace the presence of being in the gym)

4-Defend (get down in your stance, pressure the ball, help-side, help and recover, close out and rebound! Talk, get over/under screens, sprint back in transition)

5-Appreciate the opportunity to suit up (it’s an honor to step on the court and play the greatest game in the world. It’s not who you’re playing against or where you’re playing, most important is that YOU’RE PLAYING!)

“The less motivated and the less determined weed themselves out.”

-Chuck Daly

-Coach Finamore


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