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On what it takes to play defense:

“First of all, that’s something any team can do well. It really doesn’t take anything other than a commitment to do it and great effort.”


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“Nobody says nothing about defense. Nobody thinks about the defense. It’s so important for our team. When we play defense, we are hard to guard because we get stops and then we’re one of the best fast-break teams.”


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On playing defense:

You either play it or you don’t. You do or you don’t. It’s a mindset, it’s a way you see the sport and we need to see the sport from that lens or we’re going to have those types of nights. We think that we’re going to do something offensively to get back in it and we’re getting tricked, we’re going to get caught and then that’s it. Until you approach the game to where scores are a problem . . . You have to feel it is a problem. Until you feel like every score is a problem, you should want to seek answers, you want to have an accountability where it’s a group thing, a team thing. Until you really do that you are going to have these types of nights from time to time.”


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“We have to play better defense, but I’m tired of hearing myself. I think a layman says that you just [have to] try harder, and it’s so not true. My parents try hard, but they’re not going to come out and play great defense. There’s a lot more to playing an NBA defense than trying.”

“We’re in the wrong floor spots, we miss rotations, we foul shooters, we throw the thing away, our pace catches up with us. We go through patches where it’s deflating, you feel like you’re playing hard and somebody scores. I think the defensive intelligence and how we’re guarding, combined with the effort they give most nights, I’m proud to be their coach most nights. But at the end of the day, that all sounds great. We have to do a better job of playing defense because we’re going nowhere down the road unless we do.”


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On Jeremy Lamb:

“We expect him to give us great energy on both ends. He can score the basketball. He can help our team score the basketball. But we like what he does defensively. We want him to continue to improve in that area because that’s what we build our success on.”


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I think as a team standpoint, we’re taking pride in our defense now. It’s not just me and Aaron … it’s everybody now. The fact that we’re all taking pride in that makes it a lot of fun for us to play defense and hopefully we can keep doing it in the Big Ten and keep going from there. Coach Matta talks about it a lot, about every game, that we’re the best defense in the country. We really want to have that in our heads that nobody should be able to score on us … From a viewpoint of other teams speaking of us as a problem on defense, we really want that to happen. We want them to be scared to play against us. As long as we can keep doing that, it’s going to make our game a lot easier.”


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“Everybody has defensive responsibilities.  We can’t have four guys playing and one guy watching.”


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