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It mostly means that everybody is going to play unselfishly, respect each other’s achievements, play hard enough every night to give yourself a chance to win, to fulfill your role.”  -Gregg Popovich

I am often asked what playing the right way means?

It’s easy.  It’s not hard at all granted you are willing to listen.

Pop answers the question in today’s quote.

Many kids at the younger levels are not being taught to PTRW.

It’s a shame. They’re missing out.

The game becomes much easier when you learn to play the right way.

All coaches have a responsibility to teach their team to play the right way.

Play hard, share the ball, defend, rebound, sprint the floor, dive for loose balls and be happy and excited for your teammates success.

That’s not hard, is it?

Coach Finamore


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‘From a coaching standpoint, you always love that guy who wants to get in there and set screens and rebound and play around the rim.”


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“You have to approach the game with a certain intensity, a certain effort, with a certain love and passion.”


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“I think you want to get your culture right. To me, the way you do it is by the people you put on your team and in your locker room. That’s how the culture gets changed. How well are we going to play together? How committed are we going to be at the defensive end of the floor? How well are guys going to accept roles?”


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On LeBron James:

He’s always understood that once you step on the court, it’s about five guys working together as one.”


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We’re going to be aggressive, tough, physical. We will take pride in what we do. The game is 80% mental, 20% physical.”


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On Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker:

“They care about the group more than they care about themselves.”


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“I like to play with a lot of energy. I’m a hustle type of player. I like to pick the guys up, talk on defense and provide that extra bit of energy to get us going on offense.”


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“It’s not what a star does for himself that’s important, but how much his teammates improve because of his presence.”


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“Be a good teammate. It’s been my #1 priority. Make people better. It’s something my dad taught me back in little league.”


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