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Posted in Basketball on August 6, 2014 by hoopscoach

If you follow the game, you know what happened to Paul George.

Lots of chatter about Team USA and the importance of playing these international tournaments.

USA Basketball Pic

Some are for it, some are not.

Here’s New York Times writer Harvety Araton.




Posted in Basketball, Basketball Trainer, Prep School on August 3, 2014 by hoopscoach

A couple of days ago on Twitter someone asked me, over the last five years, what trends do I see in the game of basketball.

Right away I thought of personal trainers. And after talking to a friend, my second answer would be high school players leaving for Prep School.

Make no mistake, I am for anything that can help a player.

If you have the right trainer, it’s all good. If you’re a trainer and you’re in it for the right reasons, MORE power to you. I know of some good trainers out there.

As for prep school, this is a tough one. I always thought prep school was for post-grad. But it looks like underclassmen are packing their bags and heading to prep school.

Again, if it’s on the up and up, I’m okay with it.

Like almost everything else in the society, there are positive and negatives to both these new trends in basketball.

Do your homework.

Do it for the right reasons.

-Coach Finamore



Posted in Basketball, Gym Rat, Travel Team on July 29, 2014 by hoopscoach

Travel team basketball is complete for the summer.

Now its time for high school players to start working hard on their game.

USA Basketball Pic

Get in the gym. If they are working on the floor like they normally do in August, find the nearest outdoor court.

Get out on the track and hit the weight room.

My guy Herb Welling has some interesting thoughts on travel ball and basketball camp. I am going to ask him if it’s kosher to post his comments.

I am looking forward to Team USA. They are working out now in Las Vegas.



Posted in Basketball, In Your Face Basketball Book, Outdoor Basketball on July 24, 2014 by hoopscoach

A couple of ESPN writers with an interesting article on something that we have been discussing for a few years now; playing basketball outdoors.

The writers looked at a few cities around the country; surprised they left out Detroit.

Back in the day there was a great book out on the top playgrounds around the country. It was a guide on where to find the best run titled, “The In-Your-Face Basketball Book.

In Your Face Book Cover


Do kids play outdoor basketball anymore?

I see many outdoor courts empty.


Posted in Basketball, Gregg Popovich, PTRW with tags on July 20, 2014 by hoopscoach

It mostly means that everybody is going to play unselfishly, respect each other’s achievements, play hard enough every night to give yourself a chance to win, to fulfill your role.”  -Gregg Popovich

I am often asked what playing the right way means?

It’s easy.  It’s not hard at all granted you are willing to listen.

Pop answers the question in today’s quote.

Many kids at the younger levels are not being taught to PTRW.

It’s a shame. They’re missing out.

The game becomes much easier when you learn to play the right way.

All coaches have a responsibility to teach their team to play the right way.

Play hard, share the ball, defend, rebound, sprint the floor, dive for loose balls and be happy and excited for your teammates success.

That’s not hard, is it?

Coach Finamore


Posted in Basketball, Bryan Gates with tags on July 20, 2014 by hoopscoach

‘From a coaching standpoint, you always love that guy who wants to get in there and set screens and rebound and play around the rim.”


Posted in Basketball, David Vanterpool with tags on July 19, 2014 by hoopscoach

“You have to approach the game with a certain intensity, a certain effort, with a certain love and passion.”


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